Snapchat Privacy Tips

I recently joined a sports team, and the entire team uses Snapchat for communication. I must install Snapchat now. It’s hard to convince 30 people to use another messaging platform for group chat, especially when I’m the new guy on the team.

My threat model: I want to keep my data out of the hands of advertisers and data brokers/public data collections. I don’t want my data in Snapchat to go to 3rd party advertisers or data brokers.

Any tips on using Snapchat to abide to my threat model?

If you’re on Android you can use something like Shelter to make a new “work” profile (default android feature) and the app can exist there. Use unique email, fake name and run the app only while needed.

I wish we had a reaction like this for situations when I’m rooting for OP but have no clue how to help, lol.


The only two things I can think would be to find ways to contain the app your device and then limit how much information you give the app. Try using Shelter or another profile if it works for you. Then try use info like email aliasing and as little personal information as possible. Maybe consider an unrelated username and just your first name so that your team can find you. I’ve never used Snapchat so take this with a grain of salt.

But you know what? Congrats on joining a sports team! That’s also important!

All images you save on Snapchat are automatically uploaded to the Snapchat cloud, as well as your contacts if you give them the permission to access them. Keep in mind that you can prevent both from happening.
Snoop around in the app’s settings, you’ll find some interesting toggles.
Make sure to have all location sharing options off.

Other than that aliasing is the way to go.

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