Slack and privacy

I recently was invited to a discussion group on Slack. I’ve never used Slack as I tend to stay away from those type of platforms for privacy reasons.

How is Slack for privacy and security. This forum is to discuss investments… so I want to be even more selective.

In general - I tend to prefer dedicated discussion platforms (much like this one for Techlore) - to universal platforms such as slack…

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

It’s not private. Technically any admin can search for any message or export channels/conversations. One current example - Twitter leader Elon Musk tweeted internal Slack message - Protocol

You can set up the “auto-delete” history for DMs. All your messages older than X days will be automatically deleted. But there are 2 big buts.

  • It must be enabled globally by workspace admin.
  • You have to do it manually for every conversation.
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Should be noted that Slock is owned by Salesforce, a company heavily invested in your data.

It’s overall not a trustworthy platform. If you need it for work, go for it. Just don’t say anything that you wouldn’t shout in a crowded room, with 24/7 surveillance.

When you interact with Slack, it might be a good idea to keep it isolated from your other stuff.

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The only time I have ever heard of Salesforce was when Proton Mail showed it as a email tracker… i’ll let that speak for itself.

@Blurb5778 has given great advice. I would also recommend (if you want) to enquire about alternative platforms that would be better for privacy, if you can’t get another alternative follow the advice that @Blurb5778 provided.

you had me at ‘Salesforce’

To chime in with everyone else, treat Slack like MS Teams. I would avoid if I could because it’s not an ideal platform.

But even for that kind of communication where you have channels and such, Discord is a better alternative from a feature standpoint. I trust Slack, Microsoft, and Discord about the same when it comes to how much data they would like to get, so you may as well host your community on Discord if you can’t do a Matrix space.

I tried matrix, much like techlore did. I didn’t find it to be a good solution.

A dedicated forum platform seems to be the best solution …again, much like this forum

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