Skiff turns 3 this year. Is it now mature enough to truly compete?

Skiff has been around since 2020 providing services such as Skiff Mail, Drive, Pages, and Calendar. With a generous free plan of 10GB storage across services, “multiple” email aliases, 1 custom domain, and access to their full catalogue of products, it seems to have developed into a serious competitor in the privacy space.

It has become a general rule of thumb to give a platform time to mature and prove itself before giving it the spotlight and recommending it to others. I think that Skiff has now met that threshold and is worthy of full consideration and review from the community.

Even with the IPFS, blockchain, and crypto crap that it’s involved with, like Brave, it seems to provide an excellent suite of products that stand on their own.

I would say the only thing that could put them in direct contention with Proton is to have their own VPN service or buy out IVPN like how Proton bought SimpleLogin for email aliasing.

I’m interested in hearing the community’s thoughts. I’m sure they are just as contentious as Brave is.


the app still feel immature in terms of UX atleast.


I’d trust skiff over gmail. I use it for the custom domain. Would I use it over proton for personal use? No.

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Hello! Thanks for the feedback. As a note - Skiff doesn’t do anything blockchain related. You can use a crypto wallet to log in, which hopefully helps people not lose their recovery keys, which is a problem.

What do you find lacking in terms of UX? @lepras


Holy shit. It’s awesome to see the CEO being so involved with the community. I am curious what you think of the idea I proposed for a way Skiff could add a competitive edge against Proton.

Regardless, the work being done at Skiff is remarkable and it’s always in my recommendations to others looking for a Gmail alternatives.

VPN isn’t in our roadmap now. But, we have a lot of related feature requests on our feature request page - Skiff Feature Requests | Skiff - many of which we will actually work on soon


The mobile app doesn’t feel complete, as in I can’t do similar things that I can in other email apps.

I will note down stuff in the coming week for ya.

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will yall do Skiff DNS in the near future ? :stuck_out_tongue:

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btw Skiff is fast as fxxk ? I got gmail on my phone too but skiff mail always come faster than Google mail (samsung devices)

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I use it mainly for the free custom domain, but 2 things really bother me.

  • Can’t export the emails
  • Apps are not available to download outside of Play Store

The first issue needs a fix ASAP. You can enter the ecosystem, but can’t exit in an easy way. I keep emails related to transactions stored for a long time, but if I decided not to use them anymore it would be a hard migration to another service.

See Releases · skiff-org/ · GitHub

You can bulk select and download emails too