Skiff Mail reviews

What do y’all think about this service? Everything about them seems good to me except the part that they are based in USA. I am currently looking for free email service and its between tuta/proton/skiff and idk but skiff seems the most fullproof in this matter. Would love to see a techlore video about this and his views as to how it holds up against other services.

There are many topics about it on the forum :

The New Oil has made a review of Skiff Mail so check this out!

It’s a solid service and PrivacyGuides will also probably soon recommend them. If you’re more interested I would read this thread. There is a lot of discussion there.


I’ve started using it. I mainly use it for their documents and drive capabilities, which are end to end encrypted. The clients and libraries are open source. The user interface is very very good.

As for the email side of it, their email service is fine but new. The domain doesn’t have much of a reputation as of now, along mail servers.

For me, the drive and pages service is what you should use right now. But wait another year or two and see how Skiff Mail pans out, and then hop onto the bandwagon.

Also the problem with Skiff is that his Drive service doesn’t have an app to sync all your docs, files, photos with an integration on Windows like a mounted virtual drive so you can access from the file manager.

I think it’s really great but can you please stop asking questions that already has been answered alot

I genuinley love skiff.
Im using it to run a network of installers, comms are quick and clear, the drive and pages areas are a godsend, jitsi is inbuilt and they have recently teamed up with (although it is of no use to me).
The one thing i wish they would do is get to work on the calendar. It is the weakest of the suite

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As far as I know they haven’t released the audits that they have completed, still waiting on that before I give them a try. (please correct me if this wrong, I haven’t been keeping up with the status of this)

As of now, that’s correct. They were audited once, but they didn’t release the audit results.

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I just use Skiff for my professional email. I give out this email for professional interactions with jobs. If Skiff shuts down, or is revealed to be a honeypot, I can easily migrate all of my professional interactions onto Gmail. And I don’t use Skiff for any banking for sensitive data.

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