SimpleLogin vs Custom Domain with Tutanota

I currently use Tutanota with a custom domain. I also have some of my online accounts with SimpleLogin. Should I fully transfer my accounts to aliases on my domain?

I personally use a custom domain for all my emails. It has some nice benefits, like getting a forewarning about when a company may have had a data breach (looking at you system76) by suddening receiving emails to a address only one company should have. I like being able to easily create new aliases and delete them once I no longer want to receive emails from that provider (if they don’t have a proper unsubscribe feature). And having full control over my email, being able to direct it to wherever I want, is really comforting.
However, I worry about how successful it really is at keeping my privacy safe (since if all my email addresses have the same uncommon domain that could be used to associate them all).

A nice perk of aliases is that if you get spam emails, you can deactivate the alias and change it on r few sites where you used that alias. This then stops spam!

I would use the domain for more personal things, such as friends or possibly work/school.

I mainly use aliases from SimpleLogin/AnonAddy and keep my personal domain for more direct communication. Both services do support custom domains if you wanted to use them which can forward to an inbox of choice (and send email, too). Either way it’s up to what you want to handle aliasing (either tutanota directly or have alias services do it).

I would chose SimpleLogin with a custom domain. Simple to create and delete aliases should one be compromised, and a custom domain means you don’t risk being caught on a blacklist (a lot of the domains these services offer seem to inevitably end up on a blocklist on popular sites).

Yeah. I use the same domain for all ‘normal’ (manual communications to other humans) e-mails, so it makes me wonder if I should just make all my accounts use ‘accounts@mydomain.tld’.

I personally do company@mydomain.tld. Like nebula@mydomain.tld or frontierairlines@mydomain.tld. That way I can selectively remove aliases if I’m done with a specific company. Also if my data gets sold to some email sending company I can tell who sold it (or, I suppose they might have a data leak rather than selling my email address, that might be the case).

I manage my own email server though, so adding domains is pretty trivial - not sure how manageable that it for alias providing services.

It’s nice for email management, but since it’s all my own domain and I don’t provide email domain services for anyone other than myself, the domain would connect all my accounts as belonging to me. I sometimes will use a guerillamail email address rather than something on my own domain, but that’s pretty much only for accounts that I don’t mind losing.

TLDR just use SimpleLogin.

You do have to trust SimpleLogin to not snoop on the email and have to trust that their security is excellent as to not let hackers read the email as well. But, it seems like you do that already by using their service so I say use SimpleLogin cancel your sub with tutanota or keep it and buy the SimpleLogin premium. It’s a fantastic deal if you can afford it you get not 10 not 50 but an infinite amount of aliases. You could sign up for every service in the world and just poof it’s gone like magic it’s pretty clean and gives you an enormous amount of control when it comes to spam and data breaches. You may only use 10 aliases but that is completely fine premium also gives you custom domain access and sub domains among many other features. In the future if more people use this SimpleLogin may become a juicy target for hackers and nation states alike so keep your wits about you. Something that could negate this is self hosting SimpleLogin on a VPS which would make it more private and more secure but also harder to use. Despite this I still think the privacy benefits are too big to pass up. Almost all online accounts need an email so why not make it one you have complete dominance over?

Insane proton deal (If you’re prepared for it)

This is a bit wacky don’t get me wrong but I wanted to go through this in because this appeared after SimpleLogin partnered with Proton. If you happen to use Proton Calendar, Mail, VPN, and Drive a lot or plan to you could get proton unlimited and pay for 24 months costing 8 dollars a month. On top of all this insanity you also get SimpleLogin premium on the house if you connect your proton account. Since I compartmentalize my life this doesn’t work for me but it could be a game changer for you.


I feel like SimpleLogin premium to email is what TOR is to IP addresses. It doesn’t work the same but in essence it does it’s job at hiding something, it gives the user a lot of control. Email is insecure and until we all have ticketed logins like Mullvad I feel like this is the greatest option we currently have. Self hosting or using PGP on all your emails would make this even better if you can learn how to use either one.

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Wow! I had actually never heard of this, amazing deal!

Yeah, that’s the only issue with it really. Although since I already give my Proton email to SimpleLogin, I’m personally alright with connecting the accounts. I normally don’t but if it saves me money I can make an exception haha

Edit: I realised you were probably talking about having calendar, email, drive, etc all from one company on one account. This isn’t great, although as I use Nextcloud, it wouldn’t impact me quite as much so I could still use some parts of the ecosystem without being fully submerged in it

@anon95531228 you could also pay for Tutanota aliases to remove the issues mentioned above, as you already trust Tutanota and aren’t adding a third-party service