SIM tool kit, Back Up

Is there a good app to back up contacts to a new SIM card? Looking in CalyxOS AOSP contacts, Right Cibtacts and Simple Contacts there does not seem to be a away to export to SIM card.

If you open to the “Contacts” and go to “Settings > Import” there should be a “SIM card” option. But why you want to store your contacts in the SIM card? That’s generally not the best idea. If your SIM card gets lost, damaged, or your phone is stolen then you also lose your contacts.

Thanks for your reply, I mentioned I have tried three “contact” apps, which none of them have the import to SIM option.
I have heard this warning about loosing a SIM card. I have misplaced my phone but I have never lost a SIM card. It is in my phone. If my phone is lost or stolen there is a security option to lock the SIM.
If the SIM security features are compromised my Contacts phone numbers would be available. This is not a threat in my threat model.
I just want to be able to swap a SIM and have immediate access to my favorite contacts with out accessing an online service.

So I decided to try installing an app, going offline, copied 99 contacts to the SIM. Deleted those contacts then hand selected 50 contacts to copy to the SIM. Uninstalled the app then went back online.

The app has no trackers but I recommend handling with caution. I will swap the SIM later to verify contacts were saved. Testing on CalyxOS Android 13.

The steps I provided above where for the latest version of CalyxOS which I do run on one of the devices currently in my possession. What I mean, is that I tested it myself before replying to your post. If you are also running CalyxOS and the SIM card doesn’t not appear as an import option in the stock Contacts app that’s really strange.

Either way, seems like you did find a solution to your problem. So, glad to hear it.


Export options, to .vcf or share.

Share options.

The export to .vcf file exports all, and allows you to save anywhere on the phone except the SIM.