Signal SMS delivery to non Signal users

Hi All,

Anyone else have issues with delivery of Signal SMS messages to non Signal users? They show delivered but really aren’t. I have had this happen several times, and recently missed an important personal event because of this. They are finally delivered only after full reboot of the phone. This behavior is seen over both Wifi and 4g/5g connections, using a stock Pixel 5a on Google Fi.

As this has happened more than once Im looking at options. is there any workaround where we can run dual SMS apps? I would use Signal for my Signal friends and a regular FOSS SMS for everyone else. I am pretty sure the answer is No here, but any suggestions are welcome.

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That’s a shame to hear about this bug. I was considering moving to Signal for SMS to at least have a FOSS SMS client even if most of the folks I talk to aren’t using Signal.

Disabling regular SMS under Signal leaving it for dedicated to other Signal users is exactly what I need! How??? I do not see this anywhere in Signal app settings.

hmm didn’t realize i could use Signal w/out it being the default SMS app. guess im a bit slow. Many thanks for the tip - this is exactly what i needed.

I’ve been using Signal as my SMS app for a good long time now, never had any trouble. But interesting to hear it can happen. Also as a note, Signal is by default a non-SMS messenger. Usually people run it as Signal-only. I like having it all in one place though :slightly_smiling_face:
I haven’t found a good open-source SMS app alternative to Signal either, I think all the ones I’ve seen are either bad UI or discontinued.

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