Signal kicked me out saying that I'm using this number on another phone, Should I worry?

As the title said, I was kicked out and i couldn’t login but now i finally i login, Should i worry or was it a bug or a problem in the server or something else?

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So, you’ve got your account back? Well, one thing to note is that (due to how Signal works), the potential malicious actor would not see your prior messages. So, nothing personal should be leaked. Going forward, they will be able to see all future messages, so I would check your “Linked Devices”

  1. In Signal, tap your profile
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap Linked Devices.

You should now see all the devices, tied to your account. To my knowledge, if someone currently has access to your account, the device will appear here. If you do not recognise a device, remove it.

If everything looks good, I wouldn’t worry. What you encountered could have been a bug.

However, if you did need to remove a device, I’d keep an eye on your phone. Change your devices password/pin. If you’re at high risk (needing a more vigilant threat model), check with your carrier to make sure they haven’t changed account details, transferred number, etc. I say all this because for someone to get access to your Signal account, they would’ve needed either:

  1. A currently logged in device, to use the QR code.
  2. Have access to your phone, to read all your SMS, and enter a code.

In addition to what @Blurb5778 has said, don’t forget to change your Signal PIN too! Hopefully it’s not a malicious actor, but better safe than sorry and take some precautions to try and see if there’s an obvious compromise anywhere.


This Secuso app could prove most useful, if you do change your pin.


The problem with this approach is that all linked devices will be cleared and unlinked once you register a new device.

The best approach for OP is to just change the PIN.

@Henry @Blurb5778 @nsmnc @Draken

I changed my Signal’s pin and my device’s password, And now i was kicked out for the second time!!!

What should i do now?

P.s i have no linked devices with my signal’s account and i checked that again after logging in after being kicked out for the first time.

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Perhaps you could provide screenshots of this lockout screen so we can better understand why it’s being shown.

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I was unable to take a screenshot because i prevent taking screenshots when i was logged in and now i was trying to register my number and i got this messege in the screenshot, And i just remember that I am using tor with Invizible pro app and Signal wasn’t included from the apps which are using my real ip, So i made Signal uses my real IP and finally i was able to login to my Signal again.

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I had to do a bit of research to follow your latest development, but I’m glad things worked out for you.

I’m struggling to understand what initially prompted the lockout. Signal has been exhibiting some abnormal behavior for me recently, and I worry about app stability.

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