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Yeah i argree they have their own problems like apple has icloud encryption problems while google has others problems both have weak first party privacy but more third party privacy

Apple also has problems have you never heard of the problems with imessage icloud encryption for example?

Yeah i totally argree. And if i am right they both hide your card details from third parties when you use apple pay or google pay

This has been fixed as of the introduction of advance data protection. iCloud message backup are fully E2E encrypted.

source: iCloud data security overview - Apple Support

A total of 23 iCloud services are E2E encrypted. I am unable to find any google cloud service with E2EE available for the average customer.

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I think you’re missing the point.

The point was, both companies have issues, as well as benefits.

Well we disagree here. Over the years, Google has been fined billions and billions for violating their own privacy policies. It’s not a question of threat-model. Google and Privacy don’t go together. Someone may say well “I like their approach to security” - fine. But no should delude themselves and pretend that security and privacy are akin, especially with Google.

Just pointing out the issues that have been addressed by apple.

I think this video does a good job addressing this.

Prob, but apple is miles ahead in privacy space as Why8337 stated. Just look at siri vs Google Assistant. While google upload the voice commands to servers to process, siri uses on device machine learning cores much as possible.

That is your opinion, which is fine. But it may not be everyone’s opinion.

Yeah but that was an example th3re are also more problems and the icloud thing took ages. Google has no google drive/google one encryption the only encryption it had is third party so the only encryption it has is like encrypting it before uploading. But that was just a example there are more problens with apple i am not going to list more you can do your own research

One of the reasons it took so long was because Apple had a battle with the FBI when they tried to introduce E2EE backups a few years back. Apple most likely wanted to wait a while before they tried again.

They tried to introduce this in 2016, and after backlash from FBI, “[apple] decided they weren’t going to poke the bear anymore,” as pointed out

and Not just FBI

Major props to apple for taking this step

I’ll summarize the whole thing.For signing up-

1st choice- Apple
2nd Choice- Google