Should you use a Virtual Machine for Browsing?

How anonymous is it if you create a virtual machin on windows with virtualbox with Linux for example and use it only for browsing. You use google chrome and change nothing so that your fingerpringt is not unique.

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Short answer: Yes, use VMs as much as possible
Long answer: take a look at as it does everything for you. Otherwise you should have different VMs for different purposes (a pain to setup), worse connectivity between them (basically no option to copy data) and so on. Also do not use VB, use KVM if possible. VB is not good for security.

Note: QubesOS is much harder to use than a Linux distribution and might not be an option for you. If you want to get into virtualization for different purposes, it is great.


VM are a helpful for creating a disposable sandbox environment.

However, the VM is a tool. It is a part of the picture. For example, if you create your sandbox and log -in to google you have de-anonymised yourself.

If you login again on a different VM, you have created a link between those two VW sessions.

Further, your VM still needs to go through a VPN, otherwise you will hand out the public IP address of the network you are on, if that is the same network as previously used those sessions can be tied together.

So in short, yes use VMs. But don’t just use VMs without regards for the other ways you may leak information.

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Your fingerprint still will be unique. Just different than what it would be than on your bare metal computer. Using Tor browser is the best way to browse imo because while you still will be unique to an extent, you will be anonymous as well if you use it properly.


I depends on your threat model and what you’re using it for, but I think that if you do it right (as in not logging in to anything personal in the VM or using the VM to compartmentalize an online identity) it can help a lot.

I don’t think the average person needs to go this far, however, and if you’re not super technical it can be confusing to set up. Not to mention that depending on your hardware performance may suffer.

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