Should I sell a phone that had google-fi on it even when I de-googled it?

My concern is that its IMEA is already tied to my identity and history from google-fi and previously being used as stock google pixel. Should I start frosh with another phone? I have de-googled the phone (CalyxOS) and am considering getting a cash bought pay as you go anonymous sim card for it. But it is worth it considering its history?

Factory reset should delete all the contents on your phone.

If you are really concerned about your IMEI address being tied to your ID then you have 2 options:

Change the IMEI of your phone (not all phones can this be done), it basically consists of rooting your phone and changing ‘repairing’ the IMEI with another IMEI adress with specialized software (you need to look hard but it’s there, and sometimes a pain in the ass). After that you unroot your phone and install stock android on it.

If changing your IMEI isnt for you then destroy your phone and dont sell it, it all depends on your threat model.

Depends actually. Is your phone EOL? Then get a new one.
Is your phone still supported? That the fact that Google was on your phone before doesn’t really mean anything. I do not know a single reason as to why having Google on a phone before degoogling it would ever be bad, unless you’re so paranoid that you would not even trust yourself with flashing the correct ROM.

In fact using Calyx is a far bigger problem, as they’re behind security patches and a lot of other things. They still do NOT have the full August patch, the second part of the September patch was released earlier this week.
And if you’re using micro-g, you also have another security & privacy problem. micro-g is a privileged problem (security) and still contains proprietary Google blobs.

The phone is already flashed to CalyxOS. IT is a 4XL. I don’t believe CalxyOS is as problematic as you say. I don’t agree with this graphene model of CalyxOS being bad.

However, reading more about graphene I think I will flash one of my phones with it and give a spin.

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