Should I segregate my emails from Gmail onto Outlook?

What do you want advice about?
I use Proton Mail and Tutanota for personal email. I use Gmail for public/backup email address. I need a Gmail account because I also use Google Voice to mask my phone number, and I have a few Youtube videos. But I hate the privacy offered by Gmail. Therefore, for my emails, should I use Outlook to get my emails off of Gmail, and stop Google from profiling me based on my occupational interests.

What have you considered or looked at already?
Proton Mail/Tutanota. I already use them for more things that need more protection.
Yahoo - horrible for privacy, they put ads in the inbox.

In brief, tell us about your privacy threat model?
Want to minimize big tech from tracking me for advertising purposes, and want to minimize how much info the data brokers have on me.

I hope this doesnt come off as abrasive (it is not my intent) but my honest opinion after reading your post is it seems like you’ve come up with an over complicated way to not solve your problem.

If you:

Want to minimize big tech from tracking me for advertising purposes, and want to minimize how much info the data brokers have on me.

and you :

already use [Protonmail & Tutanota]

Considering your goals, you shouldn’t even be considering Microsoft or Google unless you have an unstated reason for doing so and you shouldn’t be making this more complicated for yourself than you need to. Dont waste mental energy trying to create a system to compartmentalize your data between multiple companies that dont respect your privacy, just choose a privacy respecting provider for email and be done with it.

My advice to you is to take some time to consider and list your needs, and then choose the privacy respecting email provider that most closely meets those needs, there is no reason to be deciding between Gmail and Outlook unless there is a specific feature that only those two services have that is a priority for you or you are only given those two choices by an employer or something and there is no reason why you should only use Proton or Tutanota for “things that need more protection”, for your threat model, everything is deserving of the basic level of protection a privacy respecting email service provides.

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Here’s the OP’s concern: Their professional email might be publicly available on the internet, and they don’t want that email on the internet to be the same as their personal/private email.

It’s not like Microsoft’s any better when it comes to tracking, they’re just as bad. You’re not gaining much privacy by using Outlook, in fact you’re losing some privacy in accordance to your threat model. You’re giving data to another big tech company. Like @xe3 said, don’t use another big tech company (Outlook) unless you have a solid reason to do so.

My advice: Keep using Gmail, don’t open an account unless you need something that only Outlook offers. Now, if you hate Google, you don’t have to use Google. You can use Proton Mail or Tutanota. You can use iCloud (a little better than Gmail) or use Skiff mail.

Bottom line: Why are you opening an Outlook account when you don’t like Big Tech, according to your threat model. Consider iCloud or Skiff, if you don’t want your Proton Mail/Tutanota to be public.

Just a crazy counter point. You need more google accounts. One for professional mail, one for youtube and one for google voice. Delete your old account and start over.

“Don’t cross the streams”
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Do not mix your professional life with your real private life. My “occupational interest” is in Edge + Outlook. My employer does not know my actual home address. I did not choose Outlook, the employer pays me to use it. When an email is sent using Outlook nothing ever needs to be redacted.