Should I create dedicated email just for spam?

I have 2 email accounts:

Proton Mail: personal email
Gmail: Professional email

I’m been getting spam in my personal email from house listing sites and loyalty programs. I want to segregate my spam from my important emails. Should I make Gmail handle my spam emails, even though it sucks for privacy? I want to use Gmail to receive spam mail but I think it might reveal too much information on me and violate my threat model. But I don’t want to open another email account in order to deal with my spam.

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just search temp email and use any for free stuff. Don’t give out your email easily.

But if these emails are old they are probably burned make new ones.

I do indeed have an email dedicated to all those times where I want to try something but I’m not risking any of my personal or work related emails for this.

Fun fact, I used the username “liamemaps” for such email :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
(hint: just read it backwards to get it)

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Interesting to me, you want spam?

My efforts include eliminating spam. If you want these emails is it not spam.

What about SimpleLogin or Addy?