Should i copy my proton keys to simple login?

i got a message from simple login recommend me to copy my encryption from. protonmail to pgp so i can send ecnrypted messages from my aliases. so should i?
what are the pros and cons i should take into consideration?

If your wanting E2E encryption from one SimpleLogin email to another SimpleLogin or ProtonMail email then that would make sense. Seems there would be no benefit for my use as my contacts do not use SimpleLogin. My contacts which share E2E email use Proton.

So it will be useless if i will use the send mail from simplelogin to.any other mail? I tought PGP works pretty much on any message i sent.

You can send PGP emails to someone who is using an email service that does not use PGP. This is would be a password protected email from my understanding.

Check out this Proton article.

As mentioned when I need to encrypt email, the easiest option is to get the recipient to set up a free proton email account.

That seemed to be overly complicates,0.0 i am now begining to wonder if i should just switch back to tutanota

The downside to Tutanota is that it (at the moment) only supports E2EE between two Tutanota users Tutanota → Tutanota. You can however send password-protected emails to any recipient but you will need to find a secure channel other than email to communicate the password.

Proton Mail supports PGP which means even if the recipient doesn’t have a Proton Mail account as long as they have a PGP key then you can encrypt those emails. To be clear, both the sender and recipient have to have PGP set up - Proton Mail has PGP set-up when you open an account.

If you want to use PGP I would recommend researching into it before proceeding.

Whichever one you go with both Proton Mail and Tutanota both support password-protected emails which is a great alternative to PGP. The downside is you need to find a secure channel to transmit the password.

So lets see if i got you. PGP is usefull onky wgen both side have set up.otherwise the mail in uncrtypted?

And in addition to it. Proton can also close the mail with a password?

There’s a little padlock on the bottom left of any new ProtonMail message that will allow you to password protect an email to non-Proton users, just like Tutanota.
Tutanota is great, but no need to dump Proton if that is all you are looking for.

PGP can seem overly complicated to many.
Glenn Greenwald wouldn’t communicate with Edward Snowden in the beginning simply because he felt PGP was too much of a pain in the neck. So I wouldn’t feel too bad about it if you prefer something simpler.

truthfully i was unware that proton had the ability to send password protected mails.
those onces of the few that kept me using tutanota. but it might be one out.
depends on how much of the email this encryption covers. as fasr as i know at list proton only encrypts only the body of the message