Should Brave be my daily browser?

Should Brave be my everyday browser.
mainly just for accounts that I need to login and check every so often


You could use Brave, Firefox, or Edge even. Just have your cookies be deleted when you exit the browser. If you don’t wish to stay logged in to those sites when you aren’t using the browser.

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do you know a good exciton to clear/dump cookies

My preference is Brave and Mull, for mobile browsers.

@Juice7in You need to provide a lot more information. A lot of this is personal preference, and without getting any more information about you and what exactly you need, it’s hard for us to decide if Brave should be your every-day browser.

Example: What are you coming from? What are you deciding between? What about Brave grabbed your attention? Do you have specific reservations about Brave? Do you need cross-device syncing?

People here use a wide variety of browsers depending on their use-case, threat model, and preferences. So there will rarely be a ‘use this’ or ‘use that’ answer to your kind of question.


I think brave is the best chromium by far. Just make sure you harden it according to this guide: