Sharing a forum post while log it reveals your username. (Techlore Staff should change this)

When you share a link to a forum post and you are logged in, the link will include your username. In my opinion this shouldn’t be a feature; and if it is, then it should be optional and off by default.

Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

@Henry (Sorry for the mention, but I felt it was necesary :sweat_smile:)

This is built-in to Discourse to facilitate share tracking (for badges). While it’s technically a tracking parameter, I don’t see any downside to having it — it adds legitimate functionality with no real-world impact.

Also, please title threads in a way that clearly describes the matter at hand.

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Going to change that now :+1:

I like using different usernames for different platforms. This is a way to link those accounts toghether. In a forum about cars or something else it would be okay. But in a forum about privacy, not so much. It should be an optional feature.

Sure, if you want to separate your presence on this forum from whenever you are sharing to, it’s entirely understandable.

It’s pretty easy to omit the tracking parameter though, or if you use the share button while logged out (e.g. incognito window) there will be no tracking parameter in the first place.

Yeah, but I feel this is not something you should have to do on a privacy forum. At least if you don’t opt-in.

I shared this image on Matrix but I should clarify that it’s not an issue for most people. Only those that are wary of connecting their Matrix username to their forum name. I don’t mind people knowing who I am on either platform.

Maybe if there are enough questions or notes about using this forum in particular then an FAQ can be put together, and this concern can be listed in that? Just an idea.

It’s not a big deal for me because when I share something I’ve written somewhere else, I pay attention to what “profile” I used when posting it. If my name is Adam Smith but I want to share something I wrote on here to a friend, I would just say that this thread is helpful for whatever we’re talking about.

But of course not everyone may think to do that, and not everyone expects a link that’s shared to also send the username of the account that’s logged in at the time. I don’t think Reddit does that, for example.

Anyway, for me, not a big deal.

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That would be a good idea

Why not simply just copy the url in your browser? It doesn’t show the username there.

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This doesn’t allow you to link to a specific reply, only to the topic itself.

It does allow you to link to a specific reply. See the slider at the right? Put it to number whatever and copy the link or manually edit the last part (if the reply is 10th, it should end in /10)


Yeah, it works a you said. But sine it doesn’t change dinamically while scrolling, the best way to share a replay is the share button. :thinking:

Hopefully someone form the staff chimes in.

It does change when you scroll. As long as the slider at the right says the correct number, the URL will also be correct. Try it. It changes dynamically.

My bad, it does. When I tried a moment ago I just did’t stop enough time in any post :sweat_smile: