Several Questions about using Noscripts

Up until now i was blocking JS trough Ublock.
and unblocked when ever i thought it was needed.
mainly: when I am going to a website that rely on JS to function and its usage is important enough for me to allow JS to operate.

but after sometime of using i started to think:
because No script allows to block to script from different domain that are working on the same site. can i use it to block JS only to specific domains. in order to allow the website to function while still being protected from fingerprinting?

also: how safe it is to tweak the settings of noScripts when using Mullvad Browser or TOR?

Ublock Origin is capable of doing what noscript does but you need to enable advanced mode and then disable third-party scripts and frames for all websites by default. This way once you enable Javascript for an individual website only the first-party scripts are going to run.

If the website is still broken then you have the opportunity to start allowing individual domains like you do with noscript. After that you can simply click the padlock icon to store your settings so the next time you visit the website you don’t have to do it all over again.

Alternatively, you just want to use the Mullvad browser the same way you’d use Tor. Simply disable Ublock Origin and set the “Security Level” to the safest. Then each time you visit a website that doesn’t work click on the noscript icon and temp trust individual Javascript serving domains until it works.

The Hated One has made two excellent video tutorials on how to use Ublock Origin and noscript. They are a bit old but all the basic principles still apply.

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does that require completly disable Ublock or just the advance user mode?

also aren’t ublock and noscript suppouse to perform different perpouses? otherwise why Mullvad browser have them both?

If you use noscript in the way I described everything with be blocked by default until you explicitly set a domain to temp trusted. However, keeping Ublock Origin in the background in simple mode trying to block things based only on its blocklists shouldn’t cause any harm.

Either way, my recommendation is to just keep it simple. Watch the two videos I posted above, decide if you want to go with the noscript or Ublock Origin router and stick to one. Personally I just stick to Ublock Origin in advanced mode but I do understand it can be a bit overwhelming at first.

i had being being using ublock for several years now.
watched both of those taturial when i started.

my issue with Ublock is that unblocking domains manually is often a guess work.

which is why honestly i tempted to try to do it with noscripts the question is: should i remove ublock completly or just keep to simple mode?

On simple mode it’s possible that Ublock Origin will still block some things missed by noscript. And unlike the regular Tor browser Ublock Origin comes installed by default. So, it’s not like you are risking increasing the uniqueness of your fingerprint. I’d say just leave it as is unless you start notice it interfering somehow with noscript.