Setting up VoIP in Europe

I am really trying to get VoIP to work in the European country I live in (not UK). I have searched for different options but nothing was successful so I came back to JMP. JMP doesn’t offer support for the country I want to use VoIP in but suggests ways to do it using guides such as : or
I have tried to follow the firsts steps using Vonage but the website doesn’t allow me to pay with a disposable e-credit card as the payment is blocked every time and I do not want to give it my true credit card info.
I have just tried to also use Twilio but as soon as I created my account, it was suspended and I need to prove that I’m going to do business related things with the account (which I cannot prove as I intend to use it for personal use).

Any advice would be much appreciated, as to try again differently with the two possible solutions mentioned above or another service or self-host something…

Thank you very much

1 Like works pretty much everywhere, the only issue is that they only offer US phone numbers. You can still though make and receive voice calls and SMS to pretty much any country in the world.

Twilio is a bit of a tough one. Michael bazzell outlines some of the techniques he used as part of it. The best way to go about using twilio is to buy a used domain and pretend you’re from a company trying to access it. Don’t use privacy respecting email providers (except for with the domain you purchased), and use a believable name (or a contraction of your real name if it’s generic enough).

As someone outside the US, VoIP just doesn’t crack it for me, and I’d consider using a burner phone and SIM cards. Unfortunately, there’s a risk when it comes to using these (regarding location tracking and bounty hunters) but if you’re not hiding from the government it shouldn’t be much of an issue.

I would like to share that service though that I stumbled onto: which allows you for free (if you disable your add blocker) to receive messages on a real phone number that you can view on their website. It is very useful just to confirm an account if needed, not to be used for SMS 2FA as messages are publicly available. Many countries are available. (non VoIP, cannot call or send messages) (UK numbers are non VoIP and the rest are VoIP I believe)