Setting a costume blocklist on safing portmaster?

So i downloaded Safing portmaster so far so good. now what i want to do is to set costume global rules that will block certain websites and then to allow/block them per app, for example.

blocking you tube acess globally but then only allow its access trough freetube.
is this can be done. and if so how?

Personally, I use Portmaster in Prompt mode. This allows me to see every network call a program makes (so I can decide whether it needs it). This can be set globally in the Settings.

A way to do this without Prompt mode, would be to use Portmaster Global rules. You should be able to block a domain (eg: globally, then Allow it in the individual Program Settings.

This is exactly what i want to do! can you tell me how? i couldn’t find the way to do so.

I’m not on my PC, right now, so I’ll be going through memory. If this doesn’t help I can do a proper guide later.

  1. Open Portmaster, and on the left you should see… 5 icons. One for Activity, one for Applications, one for SPN, one for Global Settings, and another for Help.
  2. Click on the icon for Global Settings.
  3. Scroll down until you see Outbound Connections.
  4. Click add, and type in a domain. Make sure the box on the left of the domain says what you want to do. I think the default is Block/Deny.
  5. Launch your Application, and go back into Portmaster.
  6. Click on the Applications Icon, find, and click your program.
  7. Click Settings, it should be to the right of Activity.
  8. Scroll down, and find Outbound Connections. Add your domain, and make sure the box says what you want. I think by default it’s set to Deny/Block.

it worked! thanks!