SelfPrivacy, have you heard of it, and are you using it?

Hello all, this is my first post, I’d be genuinely interested in your thoughts about SelfPrivacy.

It’s an open-source app that has been developed to enable you to deploy your own;

Password manager
Git repo
Social network

On a Hetzner cloud.

I’ve been using it for some time, I feel the app has come along with leaps and bounds. However, I’m fully aware I rely on their setup, and have things living on Hetzner.

What are your thoughts?

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Looks pretty good.

My one concern is their business model: if everything is self-hosted, how do they make money?

Another note, when using third-party hosting providers, they may be able to access your data. Enable encryption where possible; I know this is possible in Nextcloud but not sure about the other other apps

They aren’t paying for your VPS hosting. You still need to get a VPS subscription ( only hetzner one for now) and your own domain.

This app i guess was released recently , so it was shown in recommendations for everyone using fdroid/droid-ify.

I am not really sure of how the app really works , if it helps in setting up the service like nextcloud all automatically as it will require ssh access and then sending the correct commands and generating keys etc.
It looks to be an interesting project.
If you really think it makes your work easier , then maybe you can try it.
But no point in self hosting vpn and even an email server.
I hope it helps.
Do let us know how it goes for you , if you try it out :+1:

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It actually looks pretty good but, as @alex said;

Which I agree with, how do they make money?

They also look like they may be based in either Russia or Ukraine, which may be concerning to some.

Also, this user on reddit makes a good point about the fact that they may be intentionally or unintentionally logging your credentials for Hetzner, Cloudflare, etc…

I’d have to look at the repo but sounds like this is just a tool bundle for easy service deployment, not someone trying to make a business.

Obviously would have to go through the project to confirm this but from reading this thread that’s what I take away from it.

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I’ve spoken with the main dev a few times, they use NixOS, and scripts to build the required services via the app, with SSH.

When you run the app it tries to give you clear instructions of exactly how to setup the various services required.

It’s designed for novices, giving them the gift of owning their own cloud so to speak.

They are not taking profit, they do take donations.

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That’s a good point, is there anyway to check this by lookijg at the source code? I suppose I can ask then too, they have been very helpful in the past.

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Exactly that, a bundle designed to help people build their own services.

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I am not an expert in looking in code whatsoever but, if you are able to understand it then you will most likely be able to see if there would be any vulnerabilities in the source code.

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If they are not taking any profit and only taking donations, I see that as a sign that they are a service that is committed to providing a tool to help people, not to make money.

Agree, that’s one of the things I like about them. They have a real passion, and drive to bring value.

Just wanted to know how other people think about it on this forum, I don’t think they have much of a spotlight at the moment.

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I have never heard of them before now, but I think I will look into them as the service looks good.

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They still have to code the tool to deploy other services, so unless their devs work for free, they still need money

Yes, that’s generally how FOSS works people can commit as little or as much as they want to the projects.

Beyond auditing the setup process I think the real question about this project is if you would even want these apps. Is all the data from the 3rd party apps encrypted at rest? Do you trust the VPS provider?

Could be good for someone just starting off to get a feel for self-hosting but I don’t think it can replace doing the setup yourself on your own hardware.

Speaking to the chap that has made the app, it is primarily designed for people with little, to zero tech skills, enabling them to get off of big tech platforms.

They have a desktop application in the works now too.