[Self Hosting Question] How can I get my homeserver connected with my domain (and the internet)?

I have a domain and a server in my room, I dont have a public IP. I want to host my own jellyfin instance among other things so i cant use cloudflare’s tunneling thing as they would ban me as its for html traffic only (cloudflared i think its called).

Does anyone have any good advice/ tutorials on how to set up a way to get it to the internet?

Things ive tried:
Cloudflared – Its simple and works but doesn’t fully fit my use case

Set up a wireguard vpn between a vps and my server and use nginx to add the domain.
(never got the wireguard part down…)

When you say you don’t have a public ip, are you on a shared network, like a university?

Percisely my problem :sob:

Hum difficult one the students on our network have the same problem. To make it worse I assume the network admin is doing client isolation, and probably has a more restrictive firewall. If you can get a VPN to work that will probably be most effective. Otherwise, I would move the Jellyfin server to the cloud. Then again I am assuming that would be a lot if storage.

As far as i am aware on the network i am on there is not client isolation but Im not 100% sure. If I could get a vpn/nginx combo working that would be fine (i think)

I had this same problem (I was trying to host NextCloud) and I did eventually solve it with port forwarding via a persistent reverse SSH tunnel. Simpler to set up than a VPN, but also requires a VPS or similar with a public IP. It did technically work for me but was very slow, so I’m not sure how suitable it is for streaming. That said, I’m not sure if the slowness was caused by my specific setup or the reverse SSH tunnel itself, so I think it would be worth a try.

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That is a really good idea. You could even put Jellyfin in a container and connect the SSH tunnel to that for enhanced security.

I will ruminate upon this path. Wireguard is simple i just probrably need to take my time and RTFM. :sweat_smile:

this is my approach to expose my Nextcloud server to internet, tunnels: https://pakstech.com/blog/nextcloud-cloudflare-tunnel/. I got a cheap domain from Cloudflare to make the trip less jumpy

That is the new name for cloudflared (Isn’t the solution for me as i also wish to stream and if interpreted it correctly its against their TOS to use it for streaming.)