Secure call services

What are the most secure call/videos call services/apps for desktop and mobile.
Signal ?
The problem with signal is it has user phone numbers so anyone/government can track it.
What is your opinion on :-

Why do you believe this to be true? I have seen no evidence that would support this notion.

Signal encrypts everything including your contact list and it definitely is secure. The only thing anyone can get is a useless unix timestamp. Signal makes it harder to connect with people anonymously and this makes sense since signal aims to replace WhatsApp and FB messenger. If you want to contact someone without sharing a phone number use SimpleX or maybe briar. You can keep your communications private and secure without being anonymous. Anonymity isn’t a must for privacy and security.

I would add that the services you mentioned (Jitsi Meet and Brave Talk, which is based on the same technology as Jitsi Meet) are more suitable for video conferencing than for making calls.