Searching a FOSS crypto currency app

I’m currently searching for a FOSS crypto currency app pr web app.

Any recommendations?

You should clarify which coin(s) and what OS('s)… If you want a wildcard wallet that works on a pretty much all systems and supports every coin you would probably need, Exodus will do it, but it’s not completely open source. The interface as far as I know is the proprietary part.


More details will certainly help, there are countless options.

Are you looking for just a wallet? An exchange? What cryptocurrencies? More information will help the community help you better :slight_smile:

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I’m looking for a mining crypto currency foss app. I’m on mobile on Android

I am not sure if mining software for Android even exists, but I wouldn’t recommend mining on a mobile device regardless. Mining puts a continuous and significant load on your hardware, and phones and tablets are not even remotely designed to handle that. Heck, some phones can’t even handle the thermal stress of normal operation.

Even ignoring the hardware degradation, I highly doubt mining on a mobile device would ever be profitable.


Well… I do have an answer for that… but you should not expect much because of the response above mine. Android XMRig Miner | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

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Although you will likely never see profit with this app, it is pretty cool that you have the option. xD

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