Scary address domain problem

i just finished the “open snitch” app. after a few days of mind blowing confusion and fear of losing another harddrive i finaly got it to work.

the biggest problem aside from me not understanding control (i still fit that description) seems to be google addresses.

when i turn on L.S. i instantly lose ALL network connectivity. i have not worked that out yet, but i am slowly permitting all the google services i originaly blocked to see where my connectivity comes back.

this is the point of my concern. now because L.S. is showing me my traffic i see my entirly “de-googled” exsistance is TOTALY run through an all google network and filter sequence before it hits open web.

took me 15 years to de-google myself. that was a LOT of work. still ongoing.

how does one use (access) internet without google address in their traffic?

i do use vpn, and that does not seem to add or reduce any domain usage. if i get past the evile all american monopoly isp, and google just hands all my data back to them after it gets through to the other end of the pipeline, what good is it at all?