Saw 3 or 4 linux laptops in a store while shopping for some headphones

Yeah no joke,when i went to a store (which i wont be naming) i was trying to find new headphones but while i was in the technology ile (or whatever it’s called) i saw some laptops.most of them were windows 10/11 laptops but there were 3 or 4 linux laptops,they had ubuntu on them. Well it’s not an up to date version of ubuntu, i think the version was like 20. 04 but it was still ubuntu. I was ecstatic to see linux laptops in a physical store. I mean how often do you see a linux laptop in a physical store? Oh i almost forgot. When i played around with the linux laptops all of them (i actually dont know if its all of them but whatever) had firefox,google chrome and chromium installed. I dont know why but why are there 3 browsers installed by default? And why is one of those 3 browsers google chrome? I would have been fine with chromium but like why chrome?. Eh whatever,oh yeah one last thing. Some of them were made by Dell and maybe there was one made by hp, cant really remember them well but thats how i remember them. Thanks for read’in

That’s cool to see! I imagine Chrome was downloaded for folks who don’t realize or don’t want to use Firefox or Chromium.

Yeah i thought the same

That’s pretty cool! It’s okay that the version is 20.04, since Ubuntu’s LTS releases get a lot of support. Another reason people use Linux for is to revive old hardware, instead of trying to have a more private computer. That might be why Google Chrome is there, for people that want the stuff they’d probably be used to, not the stuff that respects them.

What I’m wondering is, why is Chromium there as well as Chrome? Is the distro Firefox not enough??

Should have been running TempleOS instead

I know ubuntu wasnt installed for privacy but my question is why have 3 browsers installed by default?
Like am i the only one who thinks its a bit much to have 3 browsers installed by default?

But on most of the windows laptops i saw they didnt have chrome installed by default

That one doesn’t surprise me as much because Edge is pretty good nowadays and because it works almost the same as Chrome many people may not even care to get Chrome after the fact. Actually, do any Windows machines ship with Chrome right now?

If you count the used windows machines then yes most of them do have chrome by default

One of the laptops (if i remember correctly) had a Nvidia gpu

I dont know if i should keep this as a reply or if should edit it in the topic itself (tell me what to do down below!) But i made a very big error here.The linux laptops i saw were for display,and remember when i said that most of them had chrome,chromium and Firefox by default? Well chrome and chromium werent installed by default.They were installed by the store themselves, why? I dont know.Soooo yeah thats all had to say. Uuhhh bye