San Francisco considering expanding CCTV and using drones to combat crime

San Francisco’s mayor, London Breed, has proposed drone surveillance and cameras on public buildings to curb the city’s crime problems.

Breed’s barrier-busting plan would see police given powers to use drones to track suspects or monitor for illegal activity. The mayoral masterplan also calls for deployment and monitoring of a network of CCTV cameras on public buildings to detect suspicious behaviour.

CCTV surveillance beyond necessity is already iffy to me personally, but the scale of this plan along with the planned use of drones does not make eager to visit San Francisco in the future.

According to the San Francisco website, the phone number to contact her is 415-554-6141 and her email is If anyone can/are willing to, they can reach out to her and explain that they do not approve of this move.

Should people be able to fly drones around the police station? What about around her own home? This move would open the door to the abuse of drones to evade having to get warrants to search properties and possibly commit constitutional violations. The reliance on drones will subject thousands of innocent citizens to potentially being falsely flagged as being a potential suspect and unethical surveillance.


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