Safing SPN Free Trial Codes!

Hey everyone! Massive thanks to for offering this perk to all of you - we never even asked them to, and I thought it’d be a great opportunity for all of us to play around with it to see how it works.

Techlore Warning: SPN is in alpha and should not currently be relied on for people needing the utmost privacy/security - this is simply a way for you to test out a service for fun.

To claim one of the 50 codes, just leave a comment below with your all-time favorite privacy or security tool, and I’ll be DMing the first 50 people a code in the coming days.


Thank you, Henry, for all your interview with Safing guys! I would love to have a code of SFN to test it out!


Favorite security tool: Smith & Wesson handguns
Favorite privacy tool: My hockey mask (doubles as safety tool)
I hereby stake my claim!


Was really happy to see that you talked with
They certainly deserve more attention.

My favorite privacy tool is infact: Portmaster
Its free, open source and just does what it should.


LOOKS NICE as it is new,
My fav privacy tool is mullvad and tails

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Thank you for the opportunity Henry!

My all-time favorite tool is NextDNS as it really helped me gain insight as to what was happening regarding my network activity especially in the early stages of my journey. I still use it to this day which is why I’m super excited to try Portmaster!
Gracias to Safing as well


Excellent video, really interesting! Also downloading portmaster right now to give it a try!
My favourite is NextDNS without a doubt!

Edit: Totally forgot about a honorary shoutout to Signal. :joy:


Hey! I’d love this!

I use a combination of Quad9 and NextDNS and I love it. Signal as well.


Brave I use most at the moment. Staking my claim for one of the SPN codes. :slight_smile:

Talking of dVPNs, does anybody have opinions on Mysterium? It’s open source and in F-Droid, which is a plus, and you can self-host nodes in the network, but I don’t know anything about whether or not the underlying design and implementation is good.

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Most other dVPNs are fundamentally flawed. I’m really interested to see where this design goes. My biggest concern is the amount of nodes and the bandwidth.

My favorite, or rather most used, tool has to be the arkenfox userjs. Right behind that are signal and selfhosted bitwarden.


Security: Bitwarden (highly recommend, best password manager)
Privacy: Mullvad VPN (sometimes a bit slower than other VPNs, but best for privacy)


My favorite tools are: Tor and my own VPNs on VPS servers

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Hello Henry and the safing team ! It’s really great to see you interviewed by Henry. I followed the 2 projects portmaster and SPN since probably 2 years now. I buy sometimes SPN subscription to see the work done over the months. I use portmaster since 2 years as well and it improved a lots ! For me, it’s a must have on an operation system. One feature you not said about is the filters lists at the portmaster level ( same concept as ublock but for the whole system ) and you can add custom lists as well.

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I’d love to give the SPN a spin :smiley: I’ve read that there might be some performance issues in regards to bandwidth, however I always wanted to see for myself and didn’t have the chance as of now.

As for my favorite privacy tool or rather project, it is a bit of a tough question. My all time favorite would be arkenfox, I believe. I feel like it’s one of the best defenses against privacy invasive sites, while also being daily drivable. And additionally is completely open and less of a compromise than brave with their cryptocurrency stuff. So, yeah, cheers :smiley:

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My all time favorite privacy/security tools are:
2. Librewolf
3. Proton suite
4. Fedora Linux/Android

sorry I couldn’t make up my mind :smile:

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Thank you!

Favorite privacy tool: anonaddy
favorite security tool: keepass


Yep ready fo the code SPN seems interesting :upside_down_face:


Favorite tools
Proton VPN
And threema

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