Safari gets major privacy updates and the ability to put web apps in your dock

The splashiest feature might be the new web apps. This puts a website in your dock on macOS, just like any other app and opens it with a minimal interface that helps mask the fact that you’re just using a webpage in a browser.

Now private browsing blocks more trackers and your fingerprints from sites so they can’t identify you. You can also now lock private browsing sessions behind your fingerprint, so you can step away from your computer without worrying that someone can sneak a peak while you’re shopping for a gift or having to close your session.


I’m in disbelief that Safari is getting proper web app support before Firefox.

While I don’t plan to use Safari, Apple doubling-down means PWAs are here to stay!


I’ve just installed the Sonoma beta and I’m delighted to see the advanced tracking and fingerprinting protection is not limited to Private Browsing mode:


Safari also adds support for profiles that can keep cookies, history, extensions, Tab Groups, and Favourites separate.


a bit off topic I wonder if IOS will allow 3rd party Browser apps to add web apps.


Already been confirmed that it will :tada: I guess TBD if feature-set will be 100% comparable to Safari though.

It’s not just Safari that’s getting some web app improvements: starting with iOS and iPadOS 16.4, you can save websites and apps from third-party browsers to your homescreen, too.


From my understanding Firefox will never get PWA support officially, they really havent done anything on that front as far as I am aware since they killed SSB


After using web apps for a bit I literally cannot go back to Firefox, what a shame that Firefox killed support for it.

By the way, here is the full list of privacy enhancements for Safari:

Safari Private Browsing

In Safari 17, Private Browsing gets even more private with added protection against some of the most advanced techniques used to track you. Technical changes include:

  • Adding blocking for known trackers and fingerprinting.
  • Adding support for mitigating trackers that map subdomains to third-party IP addresses.
  • Adding blocking for known tracking query parameters in links.
  • Adding noise to fingerprintable web APIs.
  • Adding console log messages when blocking requests to known trackers.
  • Adding support for blocking trackers that use third-party CNAME cloaking.
  • Adding support for Private Click Measurement for direct response advertising, similar to how it works for in-app direct response advertising.

Lockdown mode

Lockdown mode now:

  • Disables IndexedDB.
  • Disables the File API and FileReader API.
  • Disables support for the <embed> element.
  • Disables the Web Speech (Speech Synthesis) API.
  • Disables the WebLocks API.
  • Disables support for experimental APIs.
  • Supports select web fonts.

Lockdown Mode is also now supported in WebKit on watchOS

4 Likes has discovered that Safari’s new advanced tracking and fingerprinting protection feature extends to DNS, routing DNS queries through Apple even if you don’t use iCloud Private Relay. Custom DNS profiles and VPN connections are still prioritized, meaning it won’t override them.


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Whoa that’s actually really nifty, how cow

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