Running an Aegis database in Linux computer?

Hello, is there a way to running an Aegis database in a Linux computer? I’m looking for an alternative client in case of my smartphone is not accesible and I’ve not another android device to open my TOTP database.
How do you handle this problem?

I used to have my OTP info stored in Bitwarden. That worked flawlessly for quite some time. I stopped doing this when I got 2 Yubikeys. All my OTP information is saved on both my keys, which work on PC and mobile (IOS and Android).

A free and local option could be KeePassXC, which I think can also hold OTP. Though, I haven’t touched that software in years.

Yeah, KeePass is capable of OTP.
But having both your passwords and your 2FA at the same place kinda defeats the purpouse.

I’m also looking forward to get a couple YubiKeys.

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