RSS's different uses

An RSS feed is mainly used to obtain news and info from various sources into a single app or client.

I was wondering about other use cases of this technology.
Saw somewhere that you can add repos to RSS feeds which made me ask myself:
What else can RSS do?

May you explain this? All I know is that you can add RSS feeds. What do you mean with “repo”?

Oh and RSS can update you on anything supporting an RSS feed. Like YouTube, github and so on. While you can say that this is news, I think it differs.

I guess what I was trying to say is some apps on Github have an RSS feed that you can add to get the latest updates. Meant Repositories by repos, don’t know why I worded it so badly.

PODCASTS!!! One of the best ways I think to consume news and other content (aka podcasts) often have a rss feed to use! My favorite client for using them is Shellcaster (its a command line app written in rust)

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You can Use RSS for Tweets (using Nitter or services for RSS Bridges), GitHub Repos, Subreddits, Hacker News, Podcasts, Forums, and a lot more. But these are the main basic uses IMO.


You mean all of them? I wrote it earlier somewhere here, but you can get an RSS feed from the releases page by something like


All of those are some kind of RSS feed, that’s why :slight_smile:

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I see, Thanks a lot!

You can make your own youtube client pretty much. Invidious and Youtube itself support RSS feeds so you can just add your subscribed channels and configure your reader to open it in VLC or MPV or whatever you use.

The way you do it for Newsboat is this

# Open a url in MPV with ",m"
macro m set browser "/usr/bin/mpv %u"; open-in-browser ; set browser "/usr/bin/w3m %u"

(by default I use w3m as a browser so if your browser of choice is FF, you will write firefox instead of w3m)

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