RSS Feed insted of F-Droid

From Side Of Burritos:
Here’s how to do with F-Droid and why.
Use RSS Feed instead of F-Droid and install app:s and updates directly from Github instead!
Watch on YouTube or search Side of Burritos on NewPipe and watch it there.

Welcome and thanks for sharing. I was just considering ways to utilize RSS

How do they remotely have the same functionality? Seems like proverbial apples vs oranges.

How about a different way to skin a cat.

In the video, NewPipe is used as an example. I often will get a notification that a new version of NewPipe is available. I will go to F-Droid and it will not show up as an update. I end up manually updating. Often NewPipe will be broken until the update is installed.

Since using Feeder for RSS, my intention is subscribing on my primary phone to my apps release feeds. I will still have F-Droid until testing and a work flow is complete.

I also have a test phone which will have F-droid installed until I see no reason to keep it. As well, if I stop using RSS there is no reason to keep Feeder and I go back to F-Droid.