RSS Client recommendations?

Title says it all. I’ve really wanted to get into RSS because it seems like an underrated technology. Along with RSS clients, are there any tools to obtain RSS pages from media sites like Twitter? As well as news sites and such?

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You can check out newsblur. It’s Open Source. For twitter RSS feeds, Newsblur connects to the twitter account if you want. Else you can use an instance of Nittter (A twitter Front End Alternative for RSS feeds). BleepingComputer and Slashdot are good sites to start out with.


It may help a lot to share what devices you use! The recommendations will vary greatly depending on if you’re on iOS, Android, Windows, etc.


Windows and iOS primarily, apologies for being unclear.

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Netnewswire is great on iOS


You could try fluent reader for Windows

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Thanks a lot for the suggestions. I will now be RSS feeding myself with media :smile:


Another list of app that has 0 overlap with Privacy Guides: Clients - Nextcloud News App, special highlight to RSS Guard

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Feedbin! Premium, but worth it. I believe it’s open source. It syncs your feeds across any device (you don’t have to use their app either, can connect to another reader of your choice). Has Twitter integration and also provides a randomised email address to use as a masked email for newsletter signups (
I’ve been using it for over 1 year now and can’t recommend it enough.

I use the rss2tg_bot in reddit to create public and private channels with my rss so I can sync them just by using telegram in desktop or mobile, very convenient. But I’m ready to change solution if there is a very simple client to selfhost and some companion clients to use in android/linux, I don’t like web clients for these tasks like reading in smartphone.

Download | QuiteRSS on desktop and Download – AntennaPod on android

I’ve been using Read me, but is still in alpha and waiting on an update to the stable version, but for me it does the trick.
Looks nice to.

Feedbro is decent!