Routers and configurations

Does anyone here use a router for home use? If so, what kind and describe the type of firmware being ran on it? How did you configure your router for optimal privacy and security? Is there a good online store with already configured routers one could purchase? Looking forward to reading some interesting setups.


I have a MikroTik CCR1036-8G-2S+ running RouterOS (definitely not the best but it’s installed by default, there are a lot better Open Source alternatives and I want to switch soon) because I basically got it for free.
Right now it’s just laying around without a use, but soon when my ISP upgraded (getting fiber optic soon) then I want to renew my whole local network from scratch.
I have thought about getting OPNsense, pfSense or OpenWrt but I’m not sure yet.
I will reply with a new comment here when I did, but hopefully there are some others here recommending stuff.

@Bullpen5875 Thanks for responding to my inquiry. I look forward to reading about your setup.
Just recently I saw a tutorial on routers, firmware install and setup by Naomi Brockwell. I think you can find her on Odysee:

Maybe this video will give you an idea as to what you will want to use.

I also plan to use different access points and VLANs (maybe one main, one for untrusted IoT devices/smart home stuff, one for guests etc.), but I’m still not sure.
Tbh I haven’t started to plan anything yet, I just have the hardware ready but nothing else :joy:.

The travel routers seem interesting to learn use cases. Trying to learn after you have a need is always a bad idea.

Hopefully before the end of the year the Orange Pi 800 I ordered will be delivered. Building out a travel router will be one use case.

I use OPNSense on a dedicated box - very very pleased with it. Likely OpenWrt may be more user friendly - but OPNsense is a pretty sophisticated tool that can be made to do most anything you want. OOTB it pretty much just works.

Having a home router like this - is all goodness. If you want whole-house VPN - you can add that at the router level - not needing VPN on your devices (for when home). I put NextDNS on my home router for the same reason.

What I did recently - was put my own VPN on my router - by that - my devices use WireGuard and VPN INTO my home router… that way all my traffic (when external to my home network) is encrypted (the only real reason to use a VPN)… but also so I have full access to my internal network when I’m not home.

@lcalamar and @Perk1ns seems like you guys have some good hardware.

  • is there a site people can visit for information on how to set up the router? something like a tutorial that goes step by step?

I’m no way up to speed on this, as well I normally do not hook up tp free wifi

i found several great tutorials on installing opnsense, just do some searches, reddit is very good for tech help also.

i wouldnt go with a pi for router hardware…again, the opnsense reddit will have goid help on hardware…you can also find hardware with opnsense pre installed

best starting point is here: