Rocketreach[dot]co is refusing to delete information. What do I do?

RocketReach[dot]co is one of those trashy contact info collection websites that collects information about employees at companies and aggregates them. My brother used to work for a company that is listed there, and now his Linkedin and name are in the website. When I contact support to have my brother’s information removed, they refuse to comply and give a canned response that I’m not contacting them from an email that verifies my brother’s identity. My brother’s email is no longer accessible because he quit working for them - no one can send an email from there.
I am not going to give them any more information to “verify” my brother’s identity because I’m sure as shit they’re just going to store that for themselves.

My brother has never submitted any personal information to the website, yet they’re demanding it now to remove it. They give the typical “we need this information for privacy and security reasons” bullshit response to dodge actually doing anything.

What do I do here? Their support keeps responding with the same canned copy-paste nonsense, so I’m not sure I can go about this politely at this point. I requested to be escalated to some superior level, but right now I would have to wait to see if that gets anywhere.

Consult a lawyer? At that point your only real recourse would be to take legal action, unfortunately.

Update to this:
I managed to pressure them into complying. The page of my brother’s info is now 404, I’m sending outdated content requests to Google and Bing and the like to remove the link from their cache.
I had to insist that “demanding I provide any
more personal information to you, when I never even directly gave you
personal information to begin with, is extortion” in not the most polite way. Even though the page is gone now, I’m not happy that there isn’t much option other than being rude because otherwise the support will continually try to weasel their way out of fulfilling the request. That doesn’t make me feel any good about it being finally fulfilled.

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