Risks with Bluetooth?

What are the risks associated with using bluetooth? I’ve seen people recommending to turn it off for Security/Privacy reasons, but I don’t know much about the protocol so I’d like to better understand the issues with bluetooth.

Is there anything to be concerned about besides the increased attack surface in case of a 0-day in the driver?

I would also like to learn more about this.

One thing I do know about is that companies and especially retail spaces will use Bluetooth beacons to detect devices that are throughout there stores. Most folks leave these radios on from when they got the phone or because they’re regularly using their Bluetooth for music in their cars for example. I’ve heard that the data is used to track foot traffic and of course it feeds into business decision making. Also, who knows what they do with this data and if/how they store it.

From this perspective, the main concern is privacy from advertisers and folks who are tracking you without your knowledge. In my opinion it’s not a danger or security risk. It’s an invasion of privacy because folks don’t know these things exist. But that’s more of an ideological concern and I don’t use Bluetooth that much so the cost of mitigating that invasion is low.


This is a bit of a specific case, but if someone is using an Air Tag to track someone, and you have an iPhone, it can use your Bluetooth and internet to track the person. So you might be - accidentally - compromising someone else’s security.

I don’t know if there’s an equivalent issue in Android, I haven’t heard of one, but it makes sense the general principle might apply?