Ring Is Cashing In on the UFO Craze to Promote Its Surveillance Dystopia

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My first thought was that it’s natural selection and idiots who fall for it probably don’t care about privacy anyways. Then I realized that their cameras are spying on me.

… putting up cameras in their home and capturing irrefutable proof of extraterrestrials.

I’m not convinced the «irrefutable proof of extraterrestrials» will be found in our homes. No one ever will capture a video of some random weird martian casually entering their home to get some food from their fridge. And even if someone does no official authorities will ever accept that as THE official proof because video quality is bad or whatever technical reason resulting in the video being inconclusive.

If they really care about the “irrefutable proof of extraterrestrials” they should donate this 1 million dollar to the SETI project instead or something like that, you know those official people around the world whose job is to actually look for extraterrestrial things.

That’s the point. They don’t and people are idiots :person_shrugging:

Sadly, most people really are that dumb.

If they weren’t TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Snap, etc wouldn’t exist.

People are, in fact, aggressively dumb.

But not everyone, that’s why places like this exist though the privacy community will always be somewhat niche. But we can nudge the rest of society occasionally in the right direction. HTTPS is now standard and many people routinely use encrypted messaging apps.

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