Right to repair activists talks about privacy

He talks about online privacy once in a while despite his main goal being right to repair which is pretty nice

This story is a good wake up call for folks who sideline privacy as a concern.

One of my biggest problems with how companies track you is when you don’t realize how much access they have. If they tell you what you can expect before you use the product, that’s one thing. You can manage expectations and make decisions based on your threat model. But when you don’t know because the company doesn’t make that clear, it makes situations like this more surprising.

Did the average person know that Google scans your photo gallery on Android? That alone is news to some, and in this case they’re also seeing what it looks like when the system goes wrong. In this case it’s for a cause that the vast majority of people can understand, but the infrastructure is still laid out for another topic to be added to the list of potential triggers.

I hope some folks do at least take away the lesson of being more aware of what they do on their phones. You think your phone is private and only you realistically have access to everything, but that is unfortunately not the case. You don’t have to regress to a cave man in terms of your tech use, but at least be aware of that fact when using your phone.

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To be clear, does Google scan the gallery on your phone or the cloud account your phone is hooked up to?

I don’t think that we will be able to make these companies backtrack all the abuses that they do. Not in a timely manner, anyway. Instead, we should all take the initiative by switching ROMs and encrypting all of our data.

I love Louis Rossmann

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The scanner is on your device AFAIK.

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