Revolut: a alternative?

I live in the EU and therefore I can’t use the services of (they won’t allow EU-citizen to use their services in their terms & conditions). So I was looking for an alternative.
Seems like the only alternative for EU-citizen would be Revolut.
But I have some privacy concerns with Revolut.

Therefore I wanted to know what you think?
Do you have any suggestions?

note: I wanted to use to hide my real CreditCard information while shopping online (and maybe while using ApplePay??)

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There was a similar thread last month that might help you out:

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Ahh perfect thank you!

But still no real alternative to to be found there :frowning:
Seems like EU isn’t the best place to expect a privacy respecting virtual creditcard provider…

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That “DoNotPay” virtual credit card service isn’t applicable?

It seems good to me, but the pricing is quite high and at the time I can’t afford to spend 18€ a month to use their service…
Maybe in a few months.

But still thanks :slight_smile:

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I’ve been using Revolut for a while now. It supports Apple Pay and you can generate disposable cards with one click. Since I don’t have a real credit card, this has been a lifesaver for international purchases.

It is also free to use.

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After looking at: The New Oil, Revolut seems to be the only option. Although i’m not a huge fan of it either.

You could use it until you find out about a better service

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It sadly is really the only service that somewhat compares to, although, it is not a privacy service or a disposable card service. It is a bank account that offers disposable cards, so do keep that in mind.

If you are trying to cloak your card number from merchants while using Apple Pay, Apple already does that.

For example, if your card number is ****1234 it will appear to the merchant as ****4321 as Apple assigns a unique device card number to your payment card and replaces your original card number with the device number.

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Been a while since I used it but I was not thrilled by its other Revolut customers restrictions or it roaches go in but they don’t go out approach to cryptocurrency. I didn’t find anything compelling to offset its limitations. But I used all the time and love it.