Rethink DNS with Wireguard Proxy

Hey Techlorians,

Recently I saw one video regarding using custom DNS with VPN. As the video concluded about using rethink DNS inside the IVPN. I have another idea here to solve this issue.

I am using Rethink DNS app using NextDNS, now inside Rethink DNS app there is a wireguard Proxy option. Here we can add the ProtonVPN which has free version and save the day. Also there are many other features as well. Please try this out and lets discuss about it here

My phone with RethinkDNS installed is at work. My primary phone runs ProtonVPN and NextDNS, so this combo is interesting.

Do you mind sharing the video that inspired you?

The Techlore video itself inspired me suggesting using IVPN and Nextdns inside it, u can find it in the youtube channel.

I was also thinking about it since months but didnt get time to work upon it.

For windows i use postmaster and protonvpn together and this combo works for me there.

Watched it.



Did we just become best friends?

I will check this out when I get back to my phone.

There are already similar topics (here and here) where we’ve discussed it plenty. Rethink with WIreguard proxy is a great setup.

Be aware that at the moment if you use NextDNS then it’s gonna see your real IP address. It also used to use DNS servers close to my real location, not to my exit point, but i just checked it and it seems to have fixed itself.