Reservations to secure a rental car privately

My efforts to rent a car this weekend led me to discover that there were no cars in my area to rent. What may be interesting to someone concerned about privacy, you can reserve a car over the phone, anonymously offline.

You can try this now at no cost, get some practice in.

Call any Enterprise location (use a burner phone, my choice is IronVest), press the select numbers to reserve a vehicle. A real human will answer or some cyborg, (no offense to cyborgs or those who will be replaced by cyborgs in the near future) give them a fake name, fake text SMS number (it doesn’t need to be the phone your calling from) and a fake email address.

Sure you can test out your masked email address like SimpleLogin.

After you make the reservations give them an excuse, perhaps poor internet service you might not be able to check your email and ask them for the reservation number. The reservation number secures the vehicle for the rental you have to give them a time.

The point is the reservation is all that is needed to secure a vehicle. You can cancel the reservation at anytime or the reservation will expire 30 minutes after your pick up time. No credit card or PII will be used for the reservation.

If there are no cars available in your area, as in my case a local person will call the number you called from not the text message number you provided. Explaining there are no cars available.

When you arrive to rent the car, you can just request to rent a car in person with out the reservation number. If they have no cars available, then tell them you have a reservation and look at your phone as you read off the number. You do not need the email.

Then follow through with a normal rental. Yes the reservation was not in your name. The people that work there will not care who the reservation is for. Just that you have the reservation number, they have a car reserved, your real credentials and a major credit card.
The last I was told you need a $500 credit availability on that card. I hope to look for a “major credit card” between now and my next rental.

Yes you can assume I am American, over 25 years old and or I have a valid drivers license that states I am over 25 years old.