Recommendations for a network expert

Hello members, I’m interested in “learning at the feet of a master” on a paid basis to better understand, monitor and harden my home network. This isn’t to say I won’t put in the time to learn myself. I will. However, “I don’t know what I don’t know” and “leveraging the talent of a subject matter expert” accelerates learning. Having real-time back-and-forth interests me. That’s why I am asking for recommendations of someone who can:

  • Discuss my network setup and my ISP’s service (Spectrum)
  • Guide me on better hardware choices (I rent a router from my ISP)
  • Guide me on a quality network monitoring tool so I may see what is connecting to the network, bandwidth pulled, and such
  • Discuss and implement best practices for security and pricvacy.

I do not have high threat concerns. I’m located in Florida USA. It’s more that I’m curious to implement best practices for my situation and consultant is a wise choice. So, if your best buddy asked the same question, to whom would you direct him/her? (And I may post on Upwork where I’ve hired for years, yet I thought a referral from this community would be a better choice). Thoughts?

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I don’t have any specific ‘master’ to recommend, but I do recommend joining the Techlore Matrix Space ( (also accessible on Discord :nauseated_face:) so you can ask questions and get live responses.

Here are some networking products that I recommend. Warning: my biases are on full display.

  • Most ARRIS SURFboard cable modems (without WiFi nonsense) are well-regarded. If your service is cable broadband and you are allowed to use your own modem, get a good ARRIS SURFboard modem compatible with your service.

  • Consider using OPNsense — a FOSS, business-grade, self-hostable router software.

  • If you don’t want to use OPNsense, use a well-regarded Mikrotik, Ubiquiti EdgeRouter, or other business-grade router (please don’t purchase cheap consumer ‘wireless router’ crap).

  • Use a well-regarded TP-Link Omada, Mikrotik, or Ubiquiti UniFi access point (or multiple if needed). Most of these will easily outperform even the most expensive (overpriced) consumer ‘wireless router’ crap.

  • If nothing else (i.e. you are going to use consumer ‘wireless router’ crap), use aftermarket firmware like FreshTomato or OpenWrt.

Some resources for learning about networking:


Consulting is something we are planning on trialing this summer as a company, we are still working things out but if that’s something you’d be interested in send me a DM :slight_smile:

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HI Loren, how has your progress been coming along?