Recommendation: Ditch Ubuntu NOW

After the Amazon Ubuntu search dilemma, after snaps (and the nightmare behind it) comes Ad’s in the terminal:

Whoever uses Ubuntu: Consider changing you OS.

I don’t think ads in the command line is the biggest problem in the world from a security and privacy perspective… but it is lame of them to do.

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Easy enough to avoid snaps. I haven’t seen any embedded adds in konsole. Hardly seems like a game changer that Ubuntu shills its own stuff though.

It’s not really a surprise that a company-lead distro will be doing things for the company.

I mean, CentOS got killed to pave the way for Stream because it matches with RHEL’s development better (and also probably to push people to use RHEL).

Fedora is pushing flatpaks and podman, and those are the in-house answers to snaps and docker.

openSUSE is killing Leap (not sure if that’s still a thing) in favor of ALP, and coincidentally, SUSE is also looking into pushing the immutable OS concept forward.

So on and so forth.

Really, adding ads in the terminal seems kinda minor compared to pushing entirely new technologies, but I guess the new technologies do have the excuse of being beneficial in some way. Ads don’t really have that.