Re-flashing official firmware

Just wanted to know if re-flashing the same (or older) firmware version as the original one already installed on a phone would delete user data?

If your flashing one ROM with another, will absolutely do so without backups.
Just take what data you need, flash, and add back on. :+1:

Even if it’s the same exact ROM?
Wouldn’t it be treated like an update or such?

It depends.
If your talking about using adb instead of a recovery ROM to help update your phone, youll be fine.
But if your flashing a new ROM, that’s where it matters.
My apologize, been up all night lol

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No worries!

I can’t get ADB running because as some of you may know my phone is currently boot-looping.
I was thinking that maybe flashing the same exact model of firmware that’s currently installed on it recovers the system files and stops the bootloop while saving the data that was already on my phone.
Is this viable or should I try other things?

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I think I recall earlier.
I actually dont know about that if there is a boot loop.
Have you found anything out so far about this and if this will fix the issue?
Maybe XDA forums aswell?
How has the process been?

Referencing this topic regarding the bootloop.

The thing is flashing a custom ROM will definitely stop the bootloop however I am afraid that it might delete all the apps and data.

People have said on some other forums that re-flashing preserves data but crashes a lot of apps, although I am still not sure.
Was hoping for someone to confirm that here.

I don’t use XDA forums but the only interesting bit of info I came against was this: Would reflashing wipe your data? - XDA

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Flashing a custom rom will definitely wipe your data. And flashing the vendor stock rom , would still have chances of wiping your data. If you have chances of copying your storage through recovery or something , then that would be the only option to recover your data.
Maybe just try an OTA package of vendor for your phone model. OTA may install some apps/updates which would allow booting without erasing data.

According to what I found flashing the exact same firmware version as the one currently running has solid chances of NOT wiping your data. However the possibility is still there.
I will reference this topic to keep note: