Random quick hypothetical

Lets say you use arkenfox and brave what would be the use cases of both. This person daily drives brave for it being chromium based/themed and quicker loading times on websites. What would be the use case of using arkenfox over brave? Is there any use-case? Do you recommend this person switch to arkenfox? Thanks for ur answers!

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If you follow the arkenfox guide, it shouldn’t be as buggy as you’d think, you need to make a userpref.js override file, which I personally changed keywords and autoplay on, and letterboxing off, also using a good DNS will improve loading times (and security). Some sites will break, but that is the only case I use brave for, most sites work for me, apart from a couple who just for some reason break entirely.

Also, firefox loads faster for me than chromium so I’m not sure.

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I personally use different browsers for compartmentalization and to separate different aspects of my daily life.

I use Brave strictly for professional services that require me to stay logged in (ex: work, finance, education…) and I like that it’s built on Chromium as it’s fast and compatible with most websites.

I use LibreWolf as kind of a disposable browser for when I want to search for something quickly and don’t want to keep it for later (eg: one-time logins, meaning of a word, media…), I like that as soon as I exit everything is wiped and cleared and I don’t have to worry about it again and that it’s already hardened by default.

I could see Arkenfox replacing LibreWolf in this instance or being used for more sensitive purposes.

I use Firefox as my daily browser for casual things (eg: random accounts, websites I visit a lot…), I like that I have control over everything and I can put exceptions for sites that I want to keep logged in.

And finally I keep the Tor Browser for shady sites and other different use cases.

I recommend following a similar approach tailored to your threat model as it keeps everything clear and uncluttered and it’s better for productivity and privacy.