Quick PSA: Post News!

Hey everyone! Just a quick reminder that we have a dedicated tag for news! If you stumble on anything, be sure to publish it w/ the news tag. The more activity this gets the better it’ll be for everyone - the goal is an epic all-in-one privacy news RSS feed :sunglasses: (We can all help make that a reality!)


I imagine this community will get lots of overlap with tech news in general. Do you have any guidelines?

For example, I would think to share the news that the HP Dev One with Pop!_OS released and in my mind it could be relevant as a recommendation to give folks looking for an easy to start Linux experience from a recognizable brand. Is that a stretch?

You’ll see there are two categories actually, #privacy-and-security & #general-computing - each of which can be combined with a News tag :slight_smile:

What is the RSS Feed for those then?