Question about Tom Spark


I’m the mod of r/vpns on reddit. Ever since I posted a video from techlore on the subreddit, the youtuber ‘Tom Spark’ has been attacking me constantly.

I got tired of all the attacks so I made a post about it here: Reddit - Dive into anything

As you can see in the section ‘Hates Techlore’, he really dislikes Techlore. I’m posting this because I’m wondering he hates techlore so much? I can’t find anything when I search for it and I’m interesting in knowing more.



Anyone who pretends to be as unbiased as him and yet shill his torguard referral link in every video is clearly in it for one thing only: profit. He doesn’t care about privacy or providing the best list out there just wants to shill his links. Which is fine I understand they need income for creating the videos, but the drama is so sad. That being said I’m going to leave it at that.


But he engages in this behavior using alternate accounts, eliminating any financial motive. It appears that his actions are driven by a strong aversion rather than monetary gain. It would be particularly strange if there was no triggering event for this dislike.

Wish I could help. We’ve been dealing with several ‘haters’ for years and most of them complain about non-issues and never bother to bring up legitimate complaints to us directly.

Part of growing in size is knowing no matter how much of a good you do there will be someone who hates it enough on the internet. So just check out our content/resources and see if you enjoy it. If it’s not for you then I’m sure there are other resources :slight_smile:


I’m a channel operator (moderator) for a large channel on IRC and we still have a word for this, troll. In my opinion they’re most likely doing this for attention and or to be an annoyance. I can understand why you’d want to discuss it with others, but I would suggest doing so more privately as to not feed (give attention to) the troll. Also @Henry 's bring up a common point. No matter what you do, there’s going to be that one person who is going to be a hater for who knows why.


Never let a good tragedy go to waste

It is so easy to critique and stir a negative emotion, engaging people who feed off negativity. Using aliases and stirring the pot perpetuates this engagement, advertises it.

Tom Spark is one of the best Clowns when he talks about privacy/vpns so I wouldn’t even care if he said something as he doesn’t have any valid points.

I normally wouldn’t give a troll public attention. But this is not some random guy. He has a VPN centered YouTube channel with 100k subscribers, runs r/NetflixViaVPN with 80k subscribers and is semi well known in the VPN community.

Yeah he can be wrong with some of his choices but you can just apologized and move on to a better life

Closing this thread, no need to keep feeding trolls and hopefully OPs issues have already been adequately addressed.