Question about "Reflecticles?

should i buy relfecticles that reflect visible light as well as infrared light?

I looked at there website. some of there glasses reflect visible light. and some of them reflect infrared light only. the thing is reflecting visible light obviously sacrificing the ability to remain “covert” in exchange for… what exactly? what are the benefit of reflecting normal light?

The glasses seem like a scam to me.

Some cameras use visible light, other use invisible light, but they both do it to illuminate the object they are trying to record. If you run into a camera that uses a spot or flashlight, you should in theory be able to obfuscate the image by reflecting enough light from the area of your face.

You could use a $0.25 paper bag and get the same results, don’t know if you need to buy $188 sunglasses.

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the question is: how would you make paper beg convient or keep it from drawing attention?

Attention to what?

If you plan on committing a crime, you are going to need more than a pair of funny glasses.

For the glasses to have any chance of working there need to be high contrast, you need a dark background and the bright light source pointed at your face, I doubt it works with ambient light.

Putting a bag in your head or covering your face with a mask, might draw attention, but it’s not illegal, and it will hide your identity.

I would just wear a face mask if that is an option for you