(Qubes OS) How do I ensure that my bluetooth usb adapter remains in dom0 when using sys-usb?

First of all: I know that Bluetooth should actually be avoided, and I advise anyone reading this article to educate themselves about Bluetooth and Qubes OS. Nevertheless, I am unfortunately dependent on Bluetooth devices and need them.

Before I used a “sys-usb” qube I could easily use my bluetooth adapter following this guide.
But when using a sys-usb qube the bluetooth controller sits inside that VM, isolating it from dom0.
Now I need to determine what usb controller owns the device and ensure that it remains in dom0 (I already searched through WhatIs/SysUsb, the Qubes OS Forum and How to use USB devices | Qubes OS and unfortunately didn’t really get any further.).
Can anyone help me?

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If you have more than one USB controller, you can attach a controller to dom0 and use that to bypass sys-usb.

You need to add rd.qubes.dom0_usb=XXX to Linux kernel paramaters, you can find XXX with lspci it’s the 11:22.3 id for the USB controller you want to attach.