Proxy For Privacy?

Is it secure to use a free proxy in 2022 ? There are tons of sites which will show free proxies on the internet. Can I trust those proxies ? If no, why ? Is there any tool for checking the health of a proxy server ? And what about paid proxies ? is that good ? And what are good resources for getting trusted free proxies on the internet ?

a proxy does barely anything to be honest. Only useful if you wanna hide your IP, which isn’t really a huge privacy benefit. Honestly, I would use any VPN (or proxy) that does not require an account like They do have logging but doesnt matter, really. IP is barely anything good to have and as far as I have seen, most of the time your IP will change when you reboot your router sooooo…

i’d also be interested in getting a socks5 proxy but idk which ones are somehow legit and cheap

  1. What’s your threat model?
  2. Why are you using a proxy?

A proxy is, by it’s nature, not secure. It doesn’t hide any data from an ISP, router, or a network sniffer. Plus, there are certain things sites can do, with Javascript, that can detect and nullify any benefits the proxy has (eg: find your real IP). They’re generally not a good idea.

If something is free, you are the product. At the very least know how they’re making money, and what they value. Though, by in large, do not trust “free” things…

If you’re looking for a paid service, you’re better off looking at paid VPNs. Some of them even offer proxies, like IVPN. Unlike a Proxy, a VPN is more secure, and actually encrypts the data your machine sends/receives. Techlore rates VPNs, here.