ProtonVPN has removed support for deprecated VPN Protocols

In the recent update for ProtonVPN, they removed support for deprecated VPN protocols. After updating and looking in the (iOS) app, They removed IKEv2 and Openvpn (from what I remember). I regret updating since I used Lockdown Privacy (An app that blocks ads, trackers, and badware in apps) with ProtonVPN, which was only possible with IKEv2 :cry:

Does anyone know of a free alternative to my previous setup?


In ProtonVPN you can enable “Net Shield” and turn on all the blocking options. This should get you a similar result though without the control of choosing your own blocklists.

I don’t know what methodology Proton uses for the blocking but anecdotally I noticed when trying it that it blocked native Apple ads in things like the News App so it seems pretty comprehensive.

Yeah I know that, but I don’t pay for Proton VPN. Netshield is on paid plans. With my previous setup, I was able to have a vpn and blocks ads and trackers for free. I should’ve specified though but it’s limited bandwidth for the free plan

Thanks for the suggestion! I was looking into this and I’ll def try it.

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